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The Women Who Write Letters

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Sep 18,2018

(Above: my student ID in 1999.Let's just keep our comments to ourselves.)   There's this pattern I keep seeing.It goes like this: Woman accuses man of sexual assault.Man denies accusations.Man's PR team then releases numerous letters from women saying that he's not a sexual harasser because,you know,he didn't harass…

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  • My mom's house burned down earlier this year (that is its own very long story) so she's been getting her mail at our place.This Christmas I wrapped up all her bills and gave them to her as a present.She did not appreciate the gesture.😅😂😭
  • A little too excited about the fade on my #undercut right now.💇‍♀️
  • Just a holiday party for a long defunct office of a company that none of us work at anymore.May this tradition last for a hundred years.
  • When we keep getting older but this still hasn't grown old.
  • The atrium from the restaurant we went to last night seemed to stretch on for miles - an architectural relic that now feels luxuriously wasteful.
  • I mean,any day that starts with these two handsome gents was bound to be a good one.
  • Been two years to the day,and sometimes I still reach for the phone or an envelope,forgetting that you aren't here anymore.I know that fatherhood wasn't your thing,and kids certainly weren't,either,but I still think we did pretty okay,Dad.Wherever you are,I hope it's quiet,and peaceful,and completely devoid of cheerful idiots who want to make smalltalk.
  • Train time.He leaned in and told me he liked me so much,which is good because I keep trying to eat his face.
  • Super honored to have spoken today at @hubspotlife.Was I completely incoherent and jet lagged?Yes.Did I sweat through my shirt,leaving noticeable pit stains?Yes.Did I talk about said pit stains?Sigh.Of course.But the crowd was super welcoming and kind despite my neuroses.Thanks so much to Ashley for making everything run smoothly,Rachel for being a familiar smiling face in the crowd,and everyone who s万博官网手机howed up,asked questions,and had me sign a book.
  • This again?Heading to the east coast for a hot minute for some work.Traveling with Casey is like having a tall,shocking polite,excessively cynical child with us.

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