Stuff I Like

(Travel Products,Books,Blogroll,and More)

I like this stuff.If this stuff were a person,I would nervously call it up,ask if it had a crush on anybody,and then hang up before it had a chance to answer.

But I can't do that,so I've just listed it here.Please note that my love can't be bought – I have not been compensated for listing any of these links or products.

Do not contact me to have your blog or product added to this list,or else you will incur my Twitter wrath.


  • 意大利的解释– One of my favorite people tells you everything you need to know about one of my favorite countries.
  • Fevered Mutterings– Mike is hilarious and weird.So are his travel stories.
  • The Gastrognome– Advice,stories,and reviews from one of my favorite foodies.
  • Legal Nomads– A site about food and travel,run by my delightful friend Jodi.
  • A Lifetime of Worry– Life,parenthood,and whatever else comes up,through the eyes of my friends Philip and Mimi.
  • Nerd's Eye View– Pam writes beautiful essays about her travels.Reading this makes me a better writer.
  • Travel Monkeys– My friend Deanna writes about travel and life with her little ones.

My Favorite Travel Products (AKA,stuff I actually buy and use without solicitation or cupcake-related-bribes):

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite– Nothing beats a physical book,but this gadget is great for traveling until I accidentally hit the wrong button and then start yelling at it.
  • Dr.Dan's Cortibalm– My absolute favorite lip balm.
  • Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube– I swear by these – makes packing and unpacking surprisingly easy,and my suitcase is always organized.
  • Kipling Art Satchel– My go-to carry on bag.Lightweight,holds a ton,folds down nicely,and squishes underneath the seat in front of me with ease.
  • Lewis and Clark Quart-Size Toiletry Bag– Durable,waterproof,and great for travel.
  • Nalgene Mini Travel Bottles– Spill-proof and travel friendly.(Note: I actually buy these at REI,because I can purchase the individual bottles in whatever quantity I need).
  • Oscar Biandi Dry Shampoo– A small bottles lasts more than a year – perfect for days when I'm traveling and don't have time to wash my hair (don't judge me).
  • Samsonite Luggage 21-Inch Spinner– My last Samsonite suitcase lasted me for years before finally dying.I don't quite love this much as much as the previous model I had,but it is still pretty darn great.Cushy handle,four wheels (so it glides with just a gentle push),and seems durable.Rand has the same one and loves it.

Books I Love:

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  • He said he was proud of me and I said I was proud of the life we built together,if you are wondering what kind of mood I'm in today.
  • When you find out you've won a James Beard Award while walking down the street.
  • I am married to a very handsome man.
  • Just arrived in Victoria for @#smcamp with the most handsome man in the world.Join me today at 2:25 in Salon C!I'll be taking about online harassment,and the harassment I've gotten for talking about online harassment (it gets meta).
  • I am screaming with excitement that this came in the mail,and so honored that my blurb appears on it.Chandler O'Leary's Best Coast is a gorgeous illustrated guide to the west coast - she covers some of my favorite places in the world with such care and detail.I'm swooning.Congrats,Chandler.This is amazing.#bestcoastbook#bookstagram #bookobsessed
  • Sex,女权主义,& Rock n' Roll.
  • Double fisting Mad Dog while wearing a Rodney Dangerfield t-shirt and quoting Caddyshack,at what I suspect will be the last Masters party I'll ever be invited to.
  • Wait for it.
  • I love this photo so much because it's like my dad (left) knew that 70s were happening around him,he just didn't give a fuck.
  • You and me both.