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"Geraldine DeRuiter's husband Rand has a job that takes him around the world.After she was laid off from her job,she started tagging along with him and blogging their experiences at the 万博官网手机Everywhereist… She says she blogs to help Rand remember where they've been and what they've seen.But this consistently clever site lets the rest of us go along for the ride too — even when the couple is just hanging out at home in Seattle."

~ TIME Magazine,Best Blogs of 2011

Geraldine's Official Bio

Geraldine DeRuiter is an acclaimed author,world-renowned public speaker,and the voice behind the award-winning 万博官网手机Everywhereist blog.She finds it very difficult to be self-promotional,so she hopes that you understand 万博官网手机how hard that last sentence was for her to write.

(Also,this is supposed to be in third person?That's just weird.)

While ostensibly a travel writer,Geraldine also writes about dessert,feminism,and Jeff Goldblum's entire filmography.TIME Magazinedescribed her work as "consistently clever" andThe New York Timessaid her writing was "dark and hilarious".Her blog has received accolades fromThe Independent,Forbes Magazine,andThe Huffington Post,because sometimes features editors get drunk.

When not on the road with her long-suffering and infinitely patient husband,Rand,Geraldine can be found in Seattle,usually fighting with people on the internet.

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If you would like Geraldine to speak at your event,or you wish to cast her in your new reality TV s万博官网手机how about cupcakes,you can contact her directly atdeenie@gmail.com.She is also available for interviews or to answer questions for book clubs reading her memoir.

Geraldine is represented by the amazing Zoe Sandler at ICM.If you have a really big,fancy inquiry,Zoe will be involved.

(DO NOT contact Geraldine with any of the following: press releases,freebie offers,guest post requests,requests to buy links/ad space.)

You can also find her on the usual suspects of social media:Twitter,Facebook,andGoogle+.

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  • He said he was proud of me and I said I was proud of the life we built together,if you are wondering what kind of mood I'm in today.
  • When you find out you've won a James Beard Award while walking down the street.
  • I am married to a very handsome man.
  • Just arrived in Victoria for @#smcamp with the most handsome man in the world.Join me today at 2:25 in Salon C!I'll be taking about online harassment,and the harassment I've gotten for talking about online harassment (it gets meta).
  • I am screaming with excitement that this came in the mail,and so honored that my blurb appears on it.Chandler O'Leary's Best Coast is a gorgeous illustrated guide to the west coast - she covers some of my favorite places in the world with such care and detail.I'm swooning.Congrats,Chandler.This is amazing.#bestcoastbook#bookstagram #bookobsessed
  • Sex,女权主义,& Rock n' Roll.
  • Double fisting Mad Dog while wearing a Rodney Dangerfield t-shirt and quoting Caddyshack,at what I suspect will be the last Masters party I'll ever be invited to.
  • Wait for it.
  • I love this photo so much because it's like my dad (left) knew that 70s were happening around him,he just didn't give a fuck.
  • You and me both.