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Pillow Fight.

Posted on
Mar 19,2018

这是一个公认的真理,that a married man in possession of a house will one day find himself in a shouting match with his spouse about something trivial like throw pillows.所有这些都可能发生在宜家。如果那个人拒绝去宜家,because he has justly concluded…

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Moving On.

Posted on
Jan 30,2018

We've moved.After 7 years in the townhome we rented – longer than I've lived anywhere in my entire,兰德和我搬进了我们的第一所房子。It wasn't far – just across town,but I was surprised by 万博官网手机how hard it was,especially for two people who were constantly moving from one city to…

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Posted on
Jul 17,二千零一十七

Last week,I decided to try Soylent.For those unfamiliar with this "food" product,Soylent is a high-protein drink designed to appeal to lifehackers,节食者,还有世界末日的信徒们,他们可能有点害羞,不想走出他们的地堡来参加集体用餐。It has an incredibly long shelf-life,and provides…

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Posted on
Feb 7,二千零一十七

It's been four long years since my brain surgery,and I'm now so removed from the experience and most of its consequences that I almost need to remind myself that it happened.前几周,when the tumor on my hypothalamus was an unknown variable,我朋友明迪对我说,“希望,有一天…

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  • Lovely surprise gift from @fancybrite today.It's really wonderful to know that you've made your friends proud.❤️
  • I just found out that this piece I wrote about Mario Batali and his terrible cinnamon roll apology was nominated for a James Beard Award for Journalism.I am handling it the way I would if you told me I was nominated for a Grammy: incredibly honored but also deeply confused as to what is going on.
  • I have lamented the existence of blue M&Ms (and mourned the loss of my beloved tan candies) for a long time.I've been systematically eating only the blue ones to try to return to my beloved 80s palette,and we're almost there.#bringbacktanM&Ms
  • We may have gotten a little drastic at the salon today and I'm so delighted.I forgot 万博官网手机how much I love having short hair.❤️‍♀️
  • Okay,so maybe this unexpected cameo had us cracking up and also screaming at the TV.
  • Whirlwind trip with Captain Twinkly Eyes now over.So excited to write about the amazing s万博官网手机hows we saw.Thank you for a wonderful time,@osfashland!See you again very soon.
  • Last s万博官网手机how of the weekend,and the third in 24 hours.Phew!Thank you,@osfashland.#hairsprayosf
  • Me: Are you cold?Do you want to borrow my giant scarf?Him: Yes.(Minutes later he started singing American Woman because he apparently knows that meme.)
  • S万博官网手机how #2.Thanks,@osfashland.We're so excited for Cambodian Rock Band.The energy of opening weekend is just so magical.
  • Me:

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